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Mission & Vision

Our mission: By producing high-quality milk on a large scale together with its dedicated employees, CAG achieves excellent technical and financial results; CAG puts its people, animals and sustainable processes centrally in its management.

CAG is of the opinion it can realize this by focusing on the following key components:

  • Specialization
  • Economies of scale
  • Risk management


By concentrating on the core business of milk production we want to move towards steady modernisation of production methods. Besides focusing on milk, the in-house production of high quality feed for young stock and dairy cows is of the utmost importance in realizing the mission. Professional management is the basis for optimal production circumstances for our operations resulting in long term profitability.

Economies of scale:

Large units offer the possibility of reducing both fixed and overhead costs. These bring advantages of purchasing and sales in the market providing opportunities on price / quality ratio. Furthermore, the company is in a better position to acquire specialized knowledge.

Risk management:

Spreading production within and accross key milk production regions reduces the risk of animal disease and the impact of adverse weather conditions on arable farming.

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