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Ceres Agrar GmbH (CAG) has its origins in the Netherlands, since 1900 milk has been produced on the family farm. The dairy farm 'De Oosterhoeve' in the north western part of the Netherlands was founded by Jacob Koopman. Later son Jacques worked on the farm also.
Third and fourth generation, Jacques and Jack Koopman ran the family farm and founded "Melkveebedrijf J. Koopman B.V.".
Limited expansion possibilities made Jack Koopman and his wife Angeline decide to emigrate to Germany. In the northeastern part of Germany a dairy farm was acquired in Mallentin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
Further business development of the dairies results in the acquisition of another dairy in Kalkhorst, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. This dairy is close to operations in Mallentin and provides synergies with respect to the arable land.
CAG expands outside Europe to the United States of America by acquiring CAG Cimarron Dairy, in the state of Kansas.
Ceres Dairy starts to process milk of their own CAG locations in the United States.
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